The #ICEM2012 Twitter Challenge!

30 06 2012

The 14th International Conference on Emergency Medicine in Dublin has been one of the most tweeted about healthcare conferences in history.  As we go into the final day, it seems fitting to set a Twitter challenge for the #ICEM2012 Tweeters.

Shortly after 2pm I will be presenting early results of a systematic review of high sensitivity troponin, using a lower cut-off than usual to exclude acute myocardial infarction.  We recently published a paper suggesting that patients with initial high sensitivity troponin T <3ng/L could potentially have AMI ‘ruled out’ with high sensitivity and negative predictive value.

The results have stimulated significant debate as there is uncertainty about whether they should be implemented in practice.  We therefore sought to systematically review the literature in order to determine whether our findings are consistent with those of other groups and to obtain pooled estimates of sensitivity and negative predictive value to narrow the confidence intervals.

The final slide of my presentation on 30th June will have an embedded Twitter feed, sourced from the hashtag #hsTnT.  On the last day of such a successful conference for social media, let’s go out with a bang.  Please feed into this experiment by commenting, questioning, discussing these findings and those of this blog using the hashtag #hsTnT.  Your tweets will appear on my final slide and will feed the discussion at ICEM, which will in turn feed the discussion on Twitter.

Thanks for your engagement!  All comments are welcome,





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