Hi, I’m Rick Body, an emergency medicine doc from Manchester in the UK.  I work as a consultant in Emergency Medicine at Manchester Royal Infirmary, which is a busy department in central Manchester.  We see around 110,000 new cases each year, we’re a level 3 trauma centre (the same as level 1 in the US – we’re backwards!) and accept tertiary referrals for cardiology and vascular surgery.  We have the largest children’s hospital in Europe on site.  What’s more, we’re recruiting – particularly for consultants and research fellows interested in completing research degrees (we have an extensive track record) – and we want high quality new colleagues, so bear us in mind!

I have a big interest in clinical research.  My main area is the early diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes – both in terms of biomarkers and the use of other clinical information to inform clinical decisions.  I also have an interest in the more philosophical aspects of medicine and finding novel ways to maximise the wellbeing of our patients.  Philosophy is a particularly good type of research to be in as I find that the best way to generate new ideas is to reflect over a glass of whisky at home in the evening or while sat by a pool on holiday!

I hope that you’ll find my blog an inspiring and entertaining place to visit.  It’s still under construction and my time is short, so please bear with me if progress seems slow.

In medicine, we’re always learning.  And we learn best when we’re having fun.  So, I hope to have fun writing this blog and I hope it will be fun to read.  It’s aimed primarily at emergency physicians but all are welcome.

Ultimately, I hope that it will make you think; analyse your practice and your assumptions; discuss; engage; disagree; read; research, and, above all, tell me exactly what you think!  The more dialogue we get the better!


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